VizieR photometry tool

Visualize photometry points extracted from VizieR catalogues

The VizieR photometry tool allows for easy visualization of photometry points extracted around a given position or object name from photometry-enabled catalogues in VizieR.

  • First, open the page
  • Then, enter an object name or a position (objects names are resolved by the Sesame service) and a radius.
    The radius is currently limited to a maximum of 30 arcsec
  • After a few seconds, you should see the photometric points displayed as a function of wavelength.
The user interface is made of 3 different panels:

  1. The panel denoted ① displays the photometric points as a function of wavelength, frequency or energy.
    Error bars are shown if the original catalogue included information on uncertainties.
    Points are colour-coded according to the catalogues they have been extracted from (points coming from the same catalogue share the same colour).
    You can zoom in simply by dragging a rectangle around the area of interest. Zoom out by double clicking on an empty region of the plot, or using the reset zoom button.
  2. The panel ② shows a small sky map of the queried region, centered on the requested target.
    Dragging a rectangle around an area will zoom in. Zoom out by double clicking or using the reset zoom button.
  3. The tabular view in the panel ③ shows the actual frequency and flux values with links to the original catalogue and measurements.
These three panels are linked: clicking on a data point in the main plot or in the sky map will highlight the corresponding point in the other plot and in the table. Conversely, clicking on a table row will highlight the corresponding point in the 2 other panels.
The photometric points can be exported (through SAMP) to VO tools like Topcat or Aladin using the dedicated button .
They can also be retrieved directly as a VOTable using the following URL pattern:
Example: will return the VOTable with photometric points for a 1.5 arcsec region around Vega.

Send your feedback, comments, suggestions or bug reports to this email address.

The VizieR photometry tool is developed by Anne-Camille Simon and Thomas Boch.

The VizieR service is developed by Gilles Landais and François Ochsenbein.