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 Strasbourg-ESO Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae (Acker+, 1992)
    V/84/main(c)Discoverers, Designations, and Positions of True and Possible Planetary Nebulae (1) (Note) (1143 rows)
    V/84/diamDiameters of PN (optical and radio) (1) (Note) (1143 rows)
    V/84/distDistance estimations (Note) (3313 rows)
    V/84/hbetaH-beta fluxes (1) (Note) (991 rows)
    V/84/intensLine intensities results (1) (Note) (1046 rows)
    V/84/iueIUE observations log (2) (Note) (1715 rows)
    V/84/iras(c)IRAS Point Source Catalogue fluxes (1) (Note) (774 rows)
    V/84/nirNear infra-red observations (1) (Note) (365 rows)
    V/84/radioRadio observations (1) (Note) (689 rows)
    V/84/velRadial and Expansion Velocities (1) (Note) (614 rows)
    V/84/cstarData concerning Central Stars of PN (1) (Note) (692 rows)
    V/84/notesNotes and remarks about some nebulae (2) (Note) (703 rows)
    V/84/refsReferences (872 rows)
    V/84/pospn(c)Possible PN (table 2) (347 rows)
    V/84/notpn(c)Objects rejected as PN (table 3) (330 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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