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I/98A/catalog NLTT Catalogue (Luyten, 1979)
The NLTT Catalogue and 1st Supplement (58845 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
50038recno 50038  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
RR  R indicates that the star is included in the Revised NLTT Catalog by Salim et al., 2003, Cat. J/ApJ/582/1011 (phot.mag;em.opt.R)

Name 816- 60  Star designation (Note 1)   (
RAB195020 49 45 "h:m:s" (i) Hours RA, equinox B1950.0 (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
n_RAB19502   [1/2] Flag on RA: 1 = RA originally reported in 0.1min (meta.note)
DEB1950-17 09.8 "d:m:s" (i) Degrees Dec, equinox B1950.0 (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
Rmag11.2 mag Estimated red magnitude (phot.mag;em.opt.R)
n_Rmag    [+:] Flag on Rmag (Note 2)   (meta.note)
Ptg12.7 mag Estimated photographic magnitude (phot.mag;em.opt)
n_Ptg    [+v:] '+' Flag on Ptg (Note 2)   (meta.note)
SpTypem  Spectral type; lowercase letters represent estimated color classes or ranges. (src.spType)
pm 0.348 arcsec/yr Relative proper motion, equinox B1950.0 (Note 3)   (
u_pm   ':' if proper motion is uncertain (meta.code.error)
pmPA282 deg Position angle of PM vector (Note 3)   (pos.posAng;
u_pmPA   ':' if position angle is uncertain (meta.code.error)
ModFlag    [A] 'A' indicates data have been changed (see Appendix A of adc.doc or adc.tex) (meta.code)
SupplFlag    [1] '1' indicates a star from First Supplement (Luyten and Hughes, 1980) (meta.code)

_RA.icrs20 52 33 "h:m:s" (i) Right Ascension (ICRS, epoch 2000) computed by CDS (pos.eq.ra)
_DE.icrs-16 58.4 "d:m:s" (i) Declination (ICRS, epoch 2000) computed by CDS (pos.eq.dec)
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I/98A/remarks NLTT Catalogue (Luyten, 1979)
Remarks for NLTT stars (5843 rows)
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