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I/239/tyc_main The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues (ESA 1997)
The main part of Tycho Catalogue
(1058332 rows)
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Note: Note that the errors on the proper motions are large (∼50mas/yr), and therefore the positions computed at an epoch different from 1991.25 have a large (∼0.4") uncertainty.
The Tycho Epoch Photometry data can be accessed from the morePhoto column (includes VT, BT and Hp photometric data for Hipparcos stars [filter responses]

ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
35741recno 35741  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

TYC 425 2502 1  (i) TYC1-3 (TYC number) (T1) (Note)   (;meta.main)
Proxy    [HT] Proximity flag (T2) (meta.note)
RAhms17 57 48.97  (i) Right ascension in h m s, ICRS (J1991.25) (T3) (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
DEdms+04 40 05.8  (i) Declination in deg ' ", ICRS (J1991.25) (T4) (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
Vmag 9.54 mag Magnitude in Johnson V (T5) (phot.mag;em.opt.V)
r_Vmag    [BDTV] Source of magnitude (T7) (Note)   (meta.ref)
RA(ICRS)269.45402305 deg (i) alpha, degrees (ICRS, Epoch=J1991.25) (T8) (Note)   (pos.eq.ra;meta.main)
DE(ICRS) 4.66828815 deg (i) delta, degrees (ICRS, Epoch=J1991.25) (T9) (Note)   (pos.eq.dec;meta.main)
AstroRefX   [X] Reference flag for astrometry (T10) (Note)   (meta.note)
Plx  mas Trigonometric parallax (T11) (Note)   (pos.parallax.trig)
pmRA  mas/yr Proper motion mu_alpha.cos(delta), ICRS(T12) (Note)   (;pos.eq.ra)
pmDE  mas/yr Proper motion mu_delta, ICRS (T13) (Note)   (;pos.eq.dec)
e_RAdeg  mas Standard error in RA*cos(delta) (T14) (Note)   (stat.error)
e_DEdeg  mas Standard error in DE (T15) (Note)   (stat.error)
e_Plx  mas Standard error in Plx (T16) (Note)   (stat.error)
e_pmRA  mas/yr Standard error in pmRA (T17) (Note)   (stat.error)
e_pmDE  mas/yr Standard error in pmDE (T18) (Note)   (stat.error)
DE:RA    [-1/1] Correlation, DE/RA*cos(delta) (T19) (stat.correlation)
Plx:RA    [-1/1] Correlation, Plx/RA*cos(delta) (T20) (stat.correlation)
Plx:DE    [-1/1] Correlation, Plx/DE (T21) (stat.correlation)
pmRA:RA    [-1/1] Correlation, pmRA/RA*cos(delta) (T22) (stat.correlation)
pmRA:DE    [-1/1] Correlation, pmRA/DE (T23) (stat.correlation)
pmRA:Plx    [-1/1] Correlation, pmRA/Plx (T24) (stat.correlation)
pmDE:RA    [-1/1] Correlation, pmDE/RA*cos(delta) (T25) (stat.correlation)
pmDE:DE    [-1/1] Correlation, pmDE/DE (T26) (stat.correlation)
pmDE:Plx    [-1/1] Correlation, pmDE/Plx (T27) (stat.correlation)
pmDE:pmRA    [-1/1] Correlation, pmDE/pmRA (T28) (stat.correlation)
Nastro    Number of transits for astrometry (T29) (meta.number)
F2    Goodness-of-fit parameter (T30) (Note)   (
HIP 87937  (i) Hipparcos HIP number (T31) (
BTmag  mag Mean BT magnitude (T32) (phot.mag;em.opt.B)
e_BTmag  mag Standard error in BTmag (T33) (stat.error)
VTmag  mag Mean VT magnitude (T34) (phot.mag;em.opt.V)
e_VTmag  mag Standard error in VTmag (T35) (stat.error)
r_BTmag    [DMNT] Source of photometry (T36) (Note)   (meta.ref)
B-V  mag Johnson B-V colour (T37) (phot.color;em.opt.B;em.opt.V)
e_B-V  mag Standard error on B-V (T38) (stat.error)
Q    Astrometric quality flag, Q (T40) (Note)   (meta.code.qual)
Fs    Signal-to-noise ratio of the star image(T41) (stat.snr)
SourceH   [HPR] Source of astrometric data (T42) (Note)   (meta.note)
Nphoto    Number of transits for photometry (T43) (meta.number)
VTscat  mag Estimate of VTmag scatter (T44) (stat.error)
VTmax  mag VTmag at maximum (15th percentile) (T45) (phot.mag;em.opt.V)
VTmin  mag VTmag at minimum (85th percentile) (T46) (phot.mag;em.opt.V)
Var    [GN] Known variability from GCVS/NSV (T47) (Note)   (meta.note)
VarFlag    [UVW] Variability from Tycho (T48) (Note)   (meta.note)
MultFlag    [DRSYZ] Duplicity from Tycho (T49) (Note)   (meta.note)
morePhoto   Annex of Tycho Epoch photometry A or B, set to - for inaccessible B epoch photometry, b for reconstructed epoch photometry, c for added epoch photometry (meta.note)
m_HIP   CCDM component identifier (T51) (meta.code.multip)
PPM    [1/789676] PPM and Supplement (T52) (Note)   (
HD    [1/359083] HD cat. III/135 (T53) (
BD   Bonner DM I/119, I/122 (T54) (
CoD   Cordoba DM I/114 (T55) (
CPD   Cape Photographic DM I/108 (T56) (
Remark    [JKLM] Notes (T57) (Note)   (meta.note)

EpPhotEpPhot  Tycho (and Hipparcos) Epoch Photometry, directly available for A, B and b types
elapse time 0

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